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Ocular Health

Our eyes are amazing yet delicate. If you notice any sudden changes in your vision, have injured your eye or think you may have an infection or eye disease, it is critical you are seen by your optometrist ASAP.  At the Allentown Vision Center, we provide emergency appointments.  Just call or text us at 610-434-1000 to discuss your concerns or to schedule.

Over 80% of the information that you take in from the world is through your eyes.  Thus the importance of good ocular health cannot be overlooked.  Practicing preventative care through periodic comprehensive eye examinations is important for early diagnosis and treatment of eye and vision problems, helping to preserve sight well into old age.  


Since many serious eye problems have no symptoms or outward signs, it’s easy to be unaware that a problem exists.  Our optometrists will thoroughly check your eyes for eye diseases, evaluate your risk for future eye diseases and appraise your eyes as a benchmark of your overall health.



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